My next step in March for onematchstick

Telana and Barry Mitchell

We had a great turnout for the onematchstick Cashflow Game event on Wednesday! Full house! Such a buzz! Jackson’s looked after us so well! 

And Barry facilitated the learnings during the 3 hours.

Louise said afterwards in an email “I can’t even begin to tell you how yesterday’s session made an impact on the way I think. It was such an awesome morning with Barry.” 

And the comments about how much people’s mindsets around money and business shifted, keep coming back to me. 

If you want to want a chance to learn by playing this game, get in touch with Barry for one of his future Cashflow Game events

Now, for the next step with onematchstick: I need to work on getting my strategy into a pitch on paper, and then I have some follow up meetings to organise.  Especially with Carl!
Carl and Telana


The onematchstick Cashflow Game Event with Barry Mitchell

It never ceases to amaze me the magic that comes from the power of intention, mixed with decision, and then action!
  • I have the intention to finish my trades this year and start helping start-up entrepreneurs in the onematchstick office.
  • I decided to dedicate blocks of time in my diary to onematchstick to work on my strategy.
  • And I started taking that action:  Big chunks of my energy and time over the next few months are now dedicated to this project.
And then the magic started happening!

I was at a friend, Tristan’s farewell, and he had said I should speak to his friend in property about onematchstick and that he would connect us that following week.  I was then enjoying standing around the bonfire – Tristan always has a bonfire at his awesome parties – and I ended up striking up a conversation with this exact friend who Tristan wanted to introduce me to.

The conversation somehow ended up with me promising this new contact a game of Cashflow101®, as I have the game at home sitting in the cupboard.... or at least I thought I did.  

A bunch of my friends and I, many years ago, decide to learn about money and finances, and purchased the game, after I met Robert Kiyosaki at one of his events in Johannesburg.  

So, after turning the house upside down over the next few days, I realised that my game has found legs and left the building L

To keep my word, I tracked down Barry Mitchell who has been trained and mentored by Blair Singer (Rich Dad Advisor to Robert Kiyosaki).  After some calls and emails, we have negotiated a trade that has turned out far more exciting than just a game of Cashflow with my new contact.

It has turned into an exclusive event limited to only 20 people to be facilitated by Barry himself! *punchesair*

So, I have already handpicked quite a few of my guests and sent them personal invitations.

If you- as a friend of onematchstick - want to attend, then you will need to email me to apply for a seat at the event, and if I have space I’ll try to accommodate you - but no promises! (better email me soon as seats are getting taken quickly already!) J

Here are the details:



Join me for a fun-filled, high energy session of business, entrepreneurial and financial learning through playing the Game of Cashflow101®, an experiential board game created by Robert Kiyosaki, author of the Best-Selling book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and facilitated by the #1 Sales Trainer & Business Coach in Africa, Barry Mitchell.

Date: Wednesday 1st March
Time: 08:00am to 11:00am 
Venue: Jackson's in Bryanston

RSVP Essential, by Friday 24th February, as this is an invite-only exclusive event, limited to 20 interesting friends of onematchtstick.
(Coffee and breakfast for your own account)

As part of my journey, I have a strategy to get to my final goal of the office to help start-up entrepreneurs.  My next step involves negotiating with a new lead, and that negotiation somehow ended up including playing this game.  That led to me finding Barry and trading with him to offer this exciting exclusive event!  So please accept my invitation, knowing you will learn a lot, meet some fascinating people and be supporting me with my onematchstick trading journey in its final exciting stages!

ABOUT the FACILITATOR: Barry Mitchell
Barry has had over 23 years experience in the Sales Industry during which he has managed, lead and taught 100's of businesses the art of Sales & Leadership. His clients range from R200 million companies, to start-ups and individuals... all with the common goal; The desire to significantly change their business and their lives. Barry works with and is mentored by the world’s top Sales & Leadership trainers Blair Singer. Barry's Sales Explosion workshop has helped thousands of people dramatically increase their sales in short periods of time.

What do Robert Kiyosaki and his Rich Dad Advisors do to become Rich?

This is a 3-hour event that will give participants an overview and hands-on understanding of what makes rich people richer and poor people poorer by playing Robert Kiyosaki’s Game of Cashflow101.

Are you ready to learn about the 4 ways which could make your financial situation better in 2017?
And are you ready to step up and change the way you have been earning your living?

Barry has trained with Robert Kiyosaki and his team of Rich Dad Advisors and will be sharing their money insights and also practically working with you to teach you how to shift your mindset to think and earn like the Rich, by playing the interactive Robert Kiyosaki’s Game of Cashflow101®.

Some of the insights that Barry will be sharing are:
  • Why being a successful Entrepreneur is more than just making money.
  • The 4 Key Levels to financial learning and which level will create infinite returns.
  • Why only some people will really make it as an Entrepreneur, and what you can do to be one of them.
Invest in yourself. Invest in your future. Invest in onematchstick.

Current Trade: 3 Boxes of Tech for an Off the Grid Lifestyle

As things keep (slowly) unfolding for me for onematchstick, one of the points that came up a few times is that maybe my previous choice of wording to describe my current offer isn’t quite making it clear what I have on offer. 

So here’s my attempt at re-branding this offer:

I traded the WONDERboom private rock concert with Rene and Nina for 3 boxes of gear and gadgets – lots of goodies that will take you off the grid!

Here’s what I’m offering:

Work and Play off the Grid

Live. Laugh. Love.

That’s a mantra to live by. 

It epitomises the philosophy that we want to live a productive, happy life where relationships are a key part. And today technology has evolved to such an extent that it can enhance our life and relationships. And that’s what this is about.

Would you like a lifestyle that is less reliant on the grid- especially the electricity grid? Would it be valuable for you to move from a rigid, fixed way of working (stuck to a desk with access to plugs) to a flexible, mobile way of living an awesome life (reliant on the sun’s energy)?

That’s what I am offering, a change in your lifestyle – or at least, the chance to have a more flexible lifestyle where you can move around more and not worry about how you will recharge your tech when you need to.

So make me an offer and let’s trade!


Imagine this as your day. . .

It’s Friday. You found a new recipe for breakfast. You put on the kitchen’s Jabra Revo Headset and clip your ipad into its yogi which is curled around the window frame next to your stove, to watch the video of the chef giving directions, to get breakfast on the table for your family.

You change your headset to the Plantronics M25 Bluetooth one set up for your car, and while dropping the kids off at school, you listen to their favourite songs on your iPod, held securely in the Macally mCup car cup holder.

Next you head to your favourite coffee shop, seamlessly taking a few calls in between listening to some podcasts through your smart phone.

Over a latte, you take out your iPad from your cool, super protective STM Linear case which has all your gadgets which enhance your mobile lifestyle.

You flip your iPad on its ori stand, ready to catch up on the news and answer a few emails, using your Macally PenPal stylus.

While finishing your latte, your colleague in London Skypes you, so you whip out your Jabro Revo headset to take the teleconference without inconveniencing others in the café.

You head off to your next meeting, and remembering your laptop battery might be a bit low, you plug it into your PowerGorilla to charge it on the way, and at the same time plugging in your smartphone.

At your meeting, you set up your Logitech V10 notebook speakers with your laptop, ready for your presentation. And while you wait, you answer a few more emails on your iPad ori setup.

You then head to your child’s school for the sports day, and find a tree to sit under and set up your camera on your Joby GorillaPod tripod, on one of the branches, to record the best shots of the memory making sports activities. With your Bluetooth headset you can update your partner who is at work while taking a few photos.

The next morning you’re off on your early training run, using your heart rate monitor with your phone in your fantastic Runtastic armband, which fits snuggly on your upper arm.

You pack the car and set up an educational video to entertain your children, attaching the iPad to the headrest with its yogi stand, and giving each child a Jabra Revo headset.

You’ve changed to your Platronics wireless earbuds to hear Google maps giving you directions to your weekend getaway destination.

You get to catch a late afternoon mountain bike ride with the family, with your go pro camera attached to your bike handlebars with its Joby GorillaPod, and your phone and car keys in your waterproof arm wallet.

For a perfect sunset self portrait of the family, you set up your camera on its Joby GorillaMobile, balanced safely on a rock.

As you set up camp, you use the Joby Gorilla Torch wrapped around a branch for light, and charge your phone and tablet with your Powermonkey Explorer.

You gaze at the stars, and finding your phone in its luminous case, you use an app to help name the constellations you see, knowing that your phone and all your devices are protected in their funky protective cases from the rough terrain.

Later, around the campfire, you reflect on how movement, adventure and exploration is a part of your and your family’s lifestyle, and how being mobile makes is more possible and enjoyable...
And that was just describing two days!

What I’m offering:

An "Off the Grid" Lifestyle.

Change your stagnant, office-bound life for a more mobile, flexible lifestyle with these three bundles of gadgets (all tech in the photo above!). 
(I’ll even through in a Breakthrough Coaching session if you need a change in Mindset too!)

1. The Mobile Office 

This bundle has everything you need for a virtual office that goes where you go, because your office is wherever you are. If you want to work from your home, a café, a mountain top, the airport, your car, or any other moving target, then these accessories are for you. It includes covers for smartphones and stands for iPads, a dualsync cable, stylus pen, car cup holder mount, tripods and stands for phones and cameras for teleconferencing, notebook speakers, Bluetooth headset, adapter lightning to USB cable and 7 port USB hub. Plus the awesome PowerGorilla for all your charging needs, and Jabro Revo headset.

2. The Outdoor Enthusiast 

Get active and adventurous with these accessories, including more hardy phone cases, keysync cable as your key ring, more tripods and stands, waterproof arm wallet, wireless earbuds, heart rate monitor and Runtastic armband. And a Powermonkey Explorer for outdoor charging of your devices, and another Jabro headset.

3. The Night Time Warrior

From the glow in the dark iPhone case and docking stand, to the Joby Gorilla torch, you’re even set for night time explorations. A mini Gorilla to power up devices, another stylus pen, Bluetooth headset and a magnetic tripod, amongst more covers, cables, and another Jabra headset too.

And with two STM bags to carry all the gadgets and devices and keep them safe.

Brands include:

  • Yogi for iPad
  • Ori for iPad
  • Macally stylus pens, cables, holders and hubs
  • Joby Gorilla tripods and stands
  • Logitech Speakers
  • Sketch covers for smartphones and tablets
  • Plantronics Bluetooth headsets
  • Power Traveller solar panel charging devices
  • Dodo cases
  • Ce-Link cables
  • Jabra headsets
  • STM bags
  • ITZ arm wallet
  • Runtastic heart rate monitor and armband

What’s excluded: 

All you need to do is add the following for your Off the Grid Lifestyle to be complete:
  • Your Smartphone
  • Your tablet
  • Your laptop
  • Your internet connection
  • Your adventurous and free spirit

Next Step:

So to have your Off the Grid Lifestyle, make me an offer!

What would you trade with me for having the active, on-the-go, adventure seeking and professional lifestyle you dream of, where you get to work and play, spend time with the kids and make those big deals?

Get in touch with me and let’s chat. I’ll then give you all the specifics on the tech that will move with your pace of life, and we can work out a deal… on-the-go… wherever you and I are.

Call me on 0837302979 or email

Where is the matchstick now?

As a big project is about to go live (tweet me on (from Wednesday 10th Feb) if you want to know more about it), more of my time and energy is becoming freed up for onematchstick!  So to get going, I got a burst of onematchstick nostalgia and inspiration after catching up with Nikki the other day.

She was the first person I traded with – and she still has that original matchstick that I traded with her for the ordinary green ball point pen

And she was the first person who traded twice with me, when  I did my second trade with her in a threesome involving one of her training courses and one of my 375 T-shirts. 

So thanks Nikki for your support, your encouragement, and your willingness to trade! 

Who will I trade with next? 

Who needs a Lifestyle Makeover so that you no longer need to be stuck at a desk and to a plug for electricity?  What I have on offer will keep you mobile and flexible, and not having to rely on electricity. Call me: 0837302979

How to Start a Start-up : online Resources

As I am working on my "business plan" for the onematchstick office, so I am coming across some great resources about all things related to startups, entrepreneurship, managing and leadership, and selling!  

If you'd like to follow my research and explore these tools, trainings, and articles too, the best way is to follow me on Twitter - @Telana

Here I'll be listing some of the online trainings that I have found about startups, for you to enjoy too!


How to Start a Startup

A series of 20 free video lectures covering everything about how to start a startup, by Sam Altman.

Check out the videos here.

The Essential Guide to Entrepreneurship by Guy Kawasaki

In this Udemy course Guy Kawasaki shares his 30 years of experience with budding entrepreneurs on how to build a business and brand that will attract investors and a following.  It's about mastering "the essential steps for creating your own company".

Check out the course here.

(Hear my interview with Guy here)

This site helps people build successful businesses.  It has a list of many courses, which teach you step-by-step for beginners with not experience wanting to build a profitable business, and also for those more established entrepreneurs wanting to go the next level with their business.

Check out the list of their courses for their members here. They're amazing! ;)

5 + 1 Tips for raising early stage capital by Guy Kawasaki

In my learning about how to pitch my ideas for onematchstick, I came across these few short videos with a great outline of the key information investors would like to know.
Here they are.


How to build a winning Brand Positioning Statement

This was one of the better documents I found on developing a brand, with great infographics.  Explore it here.


Steve Blanks Startup Tools

I attended a lecture about Startups at GIBS by Bob Dorf.  Bob, together with his co-author Steve Blank, wrote "The Startup Owners Manual".  

At the great talk, Bob mentioned this extensive list of tools for startup entrepreneurs on Steve's website. The list covers links to books, courses, open source software, website development info, market research tools,  Finance 101 for Entrepreneurs, and all sorts of starting and running startups' advice.  There is also a lot of useful information about the Lean Startup method, and videos on the Lean LaunchPad. Find the full list here.


More to come soon, as I find them, so keep checking this page (or my tweets)!  And let's start some startups!

Startup and Bootstrapping ideas from Tim Ferriss

As I keep consuming podcasts, one of my favourite show's is Tim Ferriss' interviews. 

And for a change, he got interviewed :)

Tim shares some interesting ideas about startups, from his experience in starting his own businesses, and investing in others from the Silicon Valley, like twitter and uber.

He also talks about deal making, and was asked - for the first time - if he actually works only 4 hours a week. . .

You can hear the podcast here.  I highly recommend it!

My interview on Expresso Morning TV Show

Here's the clip of my interview with Katlego Maboe last Monday, 19th October, on Expresso:

It was fun reminiscing about all my trades, and trying to explain how I find people to trade with.

Just wish I had had a few more minutes to explain my latest item, as it's such a fun item!  

It's all about a lifestyle change, to get you out of the office or house, and help you work as you go, and explore this wonderful world of ours (check out the details here).

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